London - July, 2019

TEQ members meet at UCL on July 24 to further discuss the details of the TEQ experiment.

Trieste - June, 2019

A school on quantum foundations for Master and PhD students to take place in Trieste on June 19-21.

Frascati - May, 2019

On May 31, 2019 TEQ partners will meet to discuss the status of the low-noise electronics.

Trieste - May, 2019

An upcoming discussion on the first reliable quantum internet on top of Europe’s glass fiber network.

Delft - November, 2018

The TEQ SC will meet at TUDelft to further discuss the progresses of the TEQ experiments and theory extending the meeting to a TEQ Junior Workshop.

Southampton - June, 2018

Members of the TEQ consortium will meet at the University of Southampton (UK) to further discuss the design and realization of the TEQ experiment.

Trieste - May, 2018

The workshop will gather young researchers working in quantum mechanics: PhD students and PostDocs from local and nearby institutes will present their research activity.

London - March, 2018

Experimentalists of the TEQ consortium will meet at UCL to further discuss experimental parameters for the setup of the TEQ experiment.

Trieste - February, 2018

TEQ officially starts on 1st January 2018. To kick-off the project, a meeting with all partners will take place on 2nd February 2018 at the University of Trieste.