Aarhus - May, 2020

TEQ membes will meet to present the work done so far and to discuss management and dissemination issues of the project.
The meeting has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

remote - March, 2020

On March 13, 2020 experimentalists of TEQ Consortium will hold a meeting hosted by the University of Southampton to discuss updates on the experimental side of the project.

Southampton - December, 2019

TEQ experimentalists will meet on December 10 at the labs of the University of Southampton (UK) to discuss progresses done in the last few months and next steps with the experiments.

Trieste - September, 2019

TEQ explores the macroscopic limit of quantum theory. This workshop will gather TEQ members and external experts for updates on research work on this matter and related topics.

Trieste, Italy - September, 2019

To update on developments of setting up the TEQ experiments and its components, TEQ members will meet in Trieste on September 19.

Trieste - July, 2019

Young researchers working in quantum mechanics and its applications will have the opportunity to present their research activity and listen to lectures by senior experts on relevant problems in quantum theory.

London - July, 2019

TEQ members meet at UCL on July 24 to further discuss the details of the TEQ experiment.

Trieste - June, 2019

A school on quantum foundations for Master and PhD students to take place in Trieste on June 19-21.

Frascati - May, 2019

On May 31, 2019 TEQ partners will meet to discuss the status of the low-noise electronics.

Trieste - May, 2019

An upcoming discussion on the first reliable quantum internet on top of Europe’s glass fiber network.