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TEQ organizes the second TEQ Junior Workshop on July 5th, 2021 to follow up on the latest scientific developments of the project and enhance discussion on the next months of research of TEQ. The workshop will be held on Zoom.



15:00 – 15:10 Welcome and intro

15:10 – 15:30 Alessio Belenchia (QUB): An Optomechanical Platform for Quantum Hypothesis Testing for Collapse Models

15:30 – 15:50 Luis Cortes Barbado (OEAW): Advances in Quantum Reference Frames

15:50 – 16:10 Jence Mulder (TUD): Increasing the photoluminescence quantum yield of Yb:YLF4 nanocrystals. Towards optical refrigeration of nanocrystals.

16:10 – 16:30 Steffen Meyer (AU): Complex molecular Ions for Testing the Large Scale Limits of Quantum Mechanics?

16:30 – 16:50 Fabrizio Napolitano (INFN): Low-noise electronics for TEQ experiments

16:50 – 17:10 Antonio Pontin (UCL): Latest developments in the TEQ programme at UCL

17:10 – 17:30 Chris Timberlake (UoS): Magnetic trapping for testing CSL at Southampton

17:30 – 18:00 Q&A – general discussion


The Booklet of Abstracts can be found here.