Quantum mechanics provides, to date, the most accurate understanding of the microscopic world of atoms, molecules and photons allowing them to be in the superposition of two different, perfectly distinguishable configurations at the same time.
However, the macroscopic world that is before our very own eyes doesn’t seem to respect quantum rules. Why is that so?

TEQ addresses such a fundamental quest from an innovative standpoint, supported by a € 4.4M grant awarded by the European Commission.
The TEQ partners will develop new theoretical models and implement a test of the quantum superposition principle on macroscopic objects to establish the ultimate bounds to the validity of the quantum framework, if any.

   Latest News and Activities


Activity - July, 2019


Trieste Junior Quantum Days 2019

A look at the mysteries of quantum theory - July 24th-26th, 2019

The workshop will gather young researchers working in quantum mechanics and its applications. PhD students and PostDocs will be given the opportunity to present their research activity and interact with their colleagues, share motivations, techniques and perspectives, in a friendly and informal environment. In the morning, blackboard lectures by senior experts will provide a perspective on relevant problems in quantum theory.

Activity - September, 2019


Redefining the foundations of physics in the quantum technology era

Within the framework of TEQ, the workshop Redefining the foundations of physics in the quantum technology era will explore the state of the art – both theoretically and experimentally – of our understanding of quantum theory and discuss the new directions of research. 

Registration is now open!


News - July, 2019

The motion of hovering nanoparticles might reveal that quantum wave functions collapse spontaneously, but three common measurement methods are not ready for prime time as reported by TEQ experimentalists in the latest issue of Physical Review A with Editors suggestion and a Synopsis in Featured i

News - July, 2019

Prof. Paternostro (QUB) has been announced as a recipient of the Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship 2018 Round Three.

Activity - July, 2019

TEQ members meet at UCL on July 24 to further discuss the details of the TEQ experiment.

News - July, 2019

Dr. Catalina Curceanu has won the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fundamental Physics Innovation Award.