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In the frame of the TEQ project, the University of Trieste co-organizes an Advanced School and a Workshop titled “Ubiquitous Quantum Physics: the New Quantum Revolution”. The fast growing use of quantum theory in technology-oriented and information-related fields is attracting the interest of an increasing number of researchers, especially young ones. The reborn interest in quantum physics has created a unique framework in which theoretical and experimental physics can fruitfully dialogue with information theory and computer science. The School intends to convey such an interdisciplinary spirit to graduate students and young researchers while the Workshop will bring together experts that will present their latest developments. The TEQ project plays a relevant role as PI prof. Angelo Bassi is co-organizer, prof. Mauro Paternostro (QUB) is Advisor and Lecturer and M. Carlesso and C. Jones are participants.
The School will take place in Trieste (Italy) from 18th to 22nd February and the Workshop from 25th February to 1st March at the same location.
For more info, please visit (School) and (Workshop).