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An internal TEQ experiment meeting has been organized to continue the discussion on the technical details needed to build the TEQ experiment, following the Frascati meeting held on May 31. This meeting will be held on July 24 at UCL (London) and interested TEQ members are welcome to participate.




09:45  Arrival and start of meeting

10:00  Update on electronics 

10:30  Update on particle trapping and detection

11:00  Update on Aarhus electronics, trap blades and parametric heating for detection

11:30  Update on CSL tests with mechanical resonators, particle launching, cryostat 

12:00  Update on particles

12:30  Lunch

14:00 Discussion and decision on next steps and timeline for development of AC and DC electronics

14:30 Discussion on detection: detection requirements, new ideas

15:00  Discussion on particle loading: Ideas for loading mechanism (laser induced and Piezo source)

16:00  Conclusion and agreement on next steps, schedule for next meeting


Location: UCL Physics and Astronomy:

The meeting will be held in room E7/E3 which is on the ground floor of the physics building.