Speaker Title Title of event Datesort ascending Place
Cataline Curceanu Quantum mechanics under test in the underground laboratory of Gran Sasso Invited colloquium May, 2021 online organized by DRCC - Department of Cosmic Rays and Chronology, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil
Caslav Brukner Formulation and tests of Einstein's equivalence principle in quantum framework Quantum Optics Seminar May, 2021 Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel (online)
Caslav Brukner The weak and the Einstein equivalence principle for quantum reference frames and spacetimes Seminar at the Atomic Institute, Vienna, Austria (online) May, 2021 Seminar at the Atomic Institute, Vienna, Austria (online)
Caslav Brukner Quantum causality: fundamentals and quantum information applications Workshop: “Basic Problems in Quantum Information” May, 2021 The Graduate Centre CUNY, New York, USA (online)
Angelo Bassi Present and future precision tests of spontaneous wave function collapse models Seminar at the University of Bern May, 2021 Online
Cataline Curceanu Underground tests of Quantum Mechanics Gravity-related and CSL wave function collapse models Online colloquium April, 2021 Online organized by Perimeter Institute
Cataline Curceanu Meccanica Quantistica nel silenzio Comsico Online Seminar April, 2021 online
Cataline Curceanu Alla scoperta del Regno Quantistico e delle sue meraviglie Talk at Liceo Landi April, 2021 Online
Angelo Bassi Tests of Quantum Mechanics ECFA Detector & Roadmap Symposium of Task Force 5 Quantum and Emerging Technologies April, 2021 Online
Angelo Bassi Sofisticate Realizzazioni della Meccanica Quantistica, la nuova frontiera dell’innovazione tecnologica? Seminar April, 2021 Online