Speaker Title Title of event Datesort ascending Place
Sandro Donadi Radiation emission in the CSL and the DP models Mini-Symposium Quantum Boundaries: Gravity Related Collapse Models December, 2021 remote
Catalina Curceanu Underground tests of Quantum mechanics , DISCRETE 2020-2021 November, 2021 Bergen (Norway)
Arjan Houtepen Finding the weakest link – surface electrochemistry of nanomaterials CHAINS December, 2021 remote
Jence Mulder Electrochemical p-doping of CsPbBr3 nanocrystals CHAINS December, 2021 remote
Hendrik Ulbricht Experiment demonstration of levitated optomechanics No title December, 2021 Southampton
Hendrik Ulbricht 'Quantum Experiments in space' SPRINT events December, 2021 Southampton
Catalina Curceanu Quantum Physics: Minunatii Cuantice OctogonHUB talks December, 2021 remote
Caslav Brukner Das Monatsmagazin: Warum die Zeit in der Quantenphysik vor und zurück laufen kann Ö1 Radio program December, 2021 Vienna
Giorgio Zicari The role of initial correlations and coherence in the phase-space entropy production rate Quantum Backstop Mk.2 November, 2021 Dundalk (Ireland)
Angelo Bassi Il Mondo dei Quanti Orientamenti 2021 - REACT November, 2021 online