Speaker Title Title of event Datesort ascending City Country
Hendrik Ulbricht Testing quantum superspotions in space Workshop on Quantum Experiments in Space April, 2018 Vienna Austria
Matteo Carlesso Non-interferometric tests of quantum superpositions Optomechanical route to macroscopic quantum superposition March, 2018 Bratislava Slovakia
Caslav Brukner Kauzalnost u kvatnom svetu Beogradska škola kvantne mehanike, Serija predavanja March, 2018 Belgrade Serbia
Caslav Brukner Quantum superpositions of causal orders Symposium on the latest achievements in physics on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the “Prof. Dr. Marko Jaric” Foundation March, 2018 Belgrade Serbia
Angelo Bassi La Meccanica Quantistica - Part 1 Seminar at Liceo Galilei March, 2018 Trieste Italy
Hendrik Ulbricht Testing Quantum Mechanics and Gravity with Levitated Optomechanics Quantum Foundations session at APS March meeting March, 2018 Los Angeles USA
Catalina Curceanu Quo vadis fisica? Researchers@Schools2018 March, 2018 Latina Italy
Catalina Curceanu La terra incognita della fisica moderna: dai buchi neri alla materia oscura Researchers@Schools2018 March, 2018 Rome Italy
Catalina Curceanu Q: Quarks, Quantum, BlaQ Holes and open Questions International School INSPYRE 2018 February, 2018 Frascati Italy
Angelo Bassi The fast and the slow: a new strategy for understanding the quantum world INSPYRE 2018 February, 2018 Frascati Italy