Speaker Title Title of event Datesort ascending Place
Angelo Bassi Bisbigli dal Microcosmo - Alla ricerca di tracce quantistiche nella vita quotidiana La scienza per tutti November, 2018 Portogruaro, Italy
Catalina Oana Curceanu Sinfonia quantistica nei computer di domani: dal bit al qubit Talk for general public November, 2018 Auditorium Biblioteca "A. Loria", Capri, Italy
Angelo Bassi Gravitational decoherence and gravitational wave function collapse Workshop on Modern Aspects of Quantum Physics November, 2018 Zagreb, Croatia
Angelo Bassi Why quantum physics in space? Focus session on “Quantum Physics in Space” November, 2018 ESTEC - Noordwijk, Netherlands
Alessio Belenchia Quantum Superposition of Massive Objects and the Quantization of Gravity TEQ meeting November, 2018 Delft, Netherlands
Ilya Kull Spacetime area law bound on quantum corrrlations European tensor networks school (tensor 18) November, 2018 Max Plank institute, Dresden,Germany
Caslav Brukner How the world looks like for a quantum particle? - The covariance of physical laws in quantum reference frames 2nd Hong Kong-Shenzhen Workshop on Quantum Information Science November, 2018 Shenzhen, China
Caslav Brukner Quantum mechanics and the covariance of physical laws from quantum reference frames Workshop “Gravity in Qubits” November, 2018 SAS Congress Center, Smolenice, Slovakia
Caslav Brukner (In)definite causal structures in quantum theory and gravity Physics Colloquium November, 2018 The University of Queensland, Australia
Andrea Vinante Experimental test of spontaneous wave function collapse models with mechanical systems High Energy Physics seminar at University of Southampton October, 2018 Southampton