Speaker Title Title of event Datesort ascending Place
Luca Mancino Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of quantum processes Seminar at UPMC December, 2019 Parigi, France
Angelo Bassi Quantum Mechanics and representation of Reality - Part 2 Seminar at University students December, 2019 Trieste, Italy
Catalina Curceanu Babbo Natale a zonzo nell’Universo fra le stele e buchi neri Seminar at Casa di Pia Children library December, 2019 Italy
Catalina Curceanu Quantum mechanics underground: from the Schroedinger cat to the impossible atoms Seminar at Polish Physical Society November, 2019 Jagiellonian University, Krakow,Poland
Michael Drewsen Molecular Dynamics at the Single Quantum Level Novo Nordisk Foundation Workshop on Quantum-Life November, 2019 Copenhagen, Denmark
Alessio Belenchia Entropy Production in Continuously Measured Quantum Systems Seminar at Niels Bohr Institute November, 2019 Copenhagen, Denmark
Cyrille Solaro Direct frequency-comb Raman spectroscopy: isotope shifts and the search for new physics beyond the Standard Model LaserLab.dK annual meeting November, 2019 Denmark
Catalina Curceanu Quantum Cats and Neutron Stars: From Exotic Atoms Studies to Impossible Atoms Hunting Seminar at Jagiellonian University November, 2019 Krakow, Poland
Catalina Curceanu Acceleratori di particelle: dalla caccia alla materia oscura alla terapia dei tumori talk at Biblioteca di Frascati November, 2019 Frascati, Italy
Caslav Brukner Observing the observer Talk at Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques November, 2019 Paris, France