Speaker Title Title of event Datesort descending Place
C. Curceanu, A. Porcelli La quantistica in laboratorio Cronache del Silenzio June, 2021 Online
C. Curceanu De la stele la pisica lui Schroedinger public online talk June, 2021 Online
C. Curceanu Dall'incredibile gatto di Schrödinger alle tecnologie quantistiche Online event June, 2021 Online
Hendrik Ulbricht 'How to build a research network' UniKORN event July, 2021 Online
Angelo Bassi Fundamental Tests of Quantum Mechanics Perspectives on Quantum Sensing and Computation for Particle Physics July, 2021 Online
3) C. Curceanu Quantum mechanics tests in the Gran Sasso undergroud laboratory: collapse models and spin-statistics 16th Marcel Grossmann Meeting July, 2021 Roma (online)
Hendrik Ulbricht Probing new physics by levitated mechanical systems 90th birthday of Roger Penrose August, 2021 Online
Luis C. Barbado Quantum computation and communication technologies FFG Sommerpraktikum August, 2021 Fakultät für Physik, Universität Wien
Luis C. Barbado Unruh effect for detectors in superposition of accelerations Joint Annual Meeting of ÖPG and SPS 2021 August, 2021 Universität Innsbruck
Angelo Bassi La Meccanica Quantistica Stage on Physics for High School Students August, 2021 Trieste (Italy)