Speaker Title Title of event Datesort descending Place
Caslav Brukner Quantum causality: fundamentals and quantum information applications Workshop: “Basic Problems in Quantum Information” May, 2021 The Graduate Centre CUNY, New York, USA (online)
Caslav Brukner The weak and the Einstein equivalence principle for quantum reference frames and spacetimes Seminar at the Atomic Institute, Vienna, Austria (online) May, 2021 Seminar at the Atomic Institute, Vienna, Austria (online)
Caslav Brukner Formulation and tests of Einstein's equivalence principle in quantum framework Quantum Optics Seminar May, 2021 Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel (online)
C. Curceanu De la stele la pisica lui Schroedinger Building Bridges, Matei Basarab School May, 2021 Rm. Valcea, Romania (online)
Luis Cortés Barbado Quantum Foundations, Information and Technology Seminar (QuFITS), University of York Quantum Information Seminar: Transformation of Spin in Quantum Reference Frames June, 2021 Online, organized by the University of York
Cataline Curceanu Dall'incredibile gatto di Schrödinger alle tecnologie quantistiche Online Seminar June, 2021 Online
Angelo Bassi Quantum Mechanics: what is it about? Seminar June, 2021 Trieste (Italy)
Angelo Bassi Il mondo dei Quanti Seminar June, 2021 Udine (Italy)
Marta Maria Marchese Quantum Hypothesis Testing for Collapse Models using an Optomechanical Setup Talk at Universita' degli Studi di Palermo June, 2021 Online
Marta Maria Marchese Quantum Hypothesis Test for Collapse Models Theory Coffee talks June, 2021 Online organized by Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences (IPaQS) at Heriot-Watt