Speaker Title Title of event Datesort descending Place
Hendrik Ulbricht Prospects for using levitated optomechanics to test fundamental physics Seminar at Physics Department April, 2018 York, UK
Hendrik Ulbricht Testing quantum superspotions in space Workshop on Quantum Experiments in Space April, 2018 Vienna, Austria
Muddassar Rashid Towards state preparation in levitated Optomechanics Workshop on Quantum Experiments in Space April, 2018 Vienna, Austria
Marko Toros Detection and control of optically levitated particles OFF 2018, Quantum Frontiers and Fundamentals: Experimental Studies and Theoretical Ramifications April, 2018 Bengalore, India
Catalina Curceanu Dai paradossi della meccanica quantistica alle tecnologie di domani: il computer quantistico Researchers@Schools2018 April, 2018 Rome, Italy
Catalina Curceanu Dai buchi neri all'adroterapia Researchers@Schools2018 May, 2018 Scandiano, Italy
Hendrik Ulbricht Testing quantum superpostions Inaugural event for Penrose Institute May, 2018 Nottingham, UK
Matteo Carlesso Can we understand if gravity is quantum? Trieste Junior Quantum Days May, 2018 Trieste, Italy
Peter Barker Quantum optomechanics with levitated nanoscale oscillators HQOC/ITAMP Joint Quantum Sciences May, 2018 Harvard, USA
Angelo Bassi La Meccanica Quantistica - Part 2 Seminar at Liceo Galilei May, 2018 Trieste, Italy