TEQ on the cover of Geo magazine

September, 2021

On the October issue 2021, TEQ was featured in a long cover article on the German magazine Geo. The article covers recent views on quantum mechanics through some of the most prominent scientists in the field. The article features interviews to three of TEQ partners: Angelo Bassi (PI) from the University of Trieste, Caslav Brukner from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IQOQI) and Hendrik Ulbricht from the University of Southampton.

The author visited the labs at the University of Southampton where Ulbricht has assembled the TEQ final experiments and has run the first tests in summer 2021. “To have relevant results we have to wait for more tests”, he says.  “I think it’s important to explore whether quantum mechanics is valid at all levels” says Brukner. He doesn’t think quantum mechanics is the final version of our understanding of the physical world. “The quantum theory is young, it is less than 100 years old”, says Bassi in closure of the article, “The history of science shows us that this nothing, we have to be patient to find a new theory beyond quantum mechanics that explains quantum and classical phenomena”.

With 2.3 million readers in 2020, Geo Magazin is an educational monthly magazine known for its detailed reportages, in-depth interviews and impactful pictures. This article represents a big success for the TEQ project as its scientific efforts are translated into a science popularization language and delivered to a large general public.

Link to the article: Physik: Was ist noch real? Die Quantenforschung stellt unser Weltbild infrage | GEO+