TEQ experimentalists meet for follow-up

March, 2021

TEQ experimentalists have met to update on developments of setting up the low-noise electronics, update on particle loading experiments at UCL & AU, and evidence for decision on details for realization of the ultimate experiment at Southampton. This is the follow up meeting after November 2020 on TEQ experiments.

Covid-19 is slowing done all experiments at UCL, AU, Delft and UoS. Labs are open, but operate at reduced capacity and experiments.



14:00 UCL team update on trapping experiments, use of electronics from INFN, YLF particles from Delft and trapping experiments
14:30 Au team update on tests with low noise electronics
15:00 UoS team on magnetic trapping and experiments
15:30 Particle loading and suggestions for experiment at Soton (magnetic or Paul trap, based on experience of all partners)
16:00 Discussion on next steps with electronics and input for INFN, next version of electronics
16:30 End of the meeting



UCL: Peter Barker, Thomas Penny, Jonthan Gosling

UoS: Antonio Pontin, Andrea Vinante, Hendrik Ulbricht  

INFN: Catalina Curceanu, Massimiliano Bazzi

AU: Michael Drewsen, Steffen Mayer



  • Final decision on Paul or magnetic trap at Soton has to be taken in mid 2021 (gives 6 months to assemble the experiment and perform the first tests at 300 mK) based on more information on particle loading in Paul trap and the lowest mass particle possible in magnetic trap.
  • H. Ulbricht (uoS), P. Barker (UCL) and M. Drewsen (AU) to meet in late March 2021 to discuss further the topics of magnetic vs Paul trap and the measurement protocol.