TEQ paper within the Science best news of 2020

January, 2021

"Scientists have long known that a particle can be in two places at once—yet we only ever see it here or there because the act of observing the particle collapses it. Now, one of the most plausible mechanisms for this collapse—gravity—has suffered a setback." With these words, Science gives the silver medal of the 2020 best science news to the researches resulted in the article “Underground test of gravity-related wave function collapse”.

The paper, written by TEQ members Angelo Bassi and Catalina Curceanu with fellow scientists, was published by Nature Physics in September 2020 and has so far received great interest being cited by the most important scientific sources.

The study presents the results of theoretical models and a dedicated experiment at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory to verify the wave function collapse model proposed by the Nobel Laureate Sir Roger Penrose, the Diósi–Penrose model.