Seminar series on optomechanics by UoS

October, 2020

TEQ member Professor Hendrik Ulbricht is involved in setting up and running the UniKORN online seminar series on optomechanics, which is strongly linked to the TEQ project. The goal of UniKORN is to bring together researchers working on all sorts of optomechanics theory and experiments within the United Kingdom, as part of the British Optomechanics Research Network (BORN) and beyond. BORN aims to strengthen the strategic role of optomechanics amongst the emerging quantum technologies (QT), but is not limited to the quantum side of optomechanics. UniKORN particularly fosters and supports early career researchers and give a platform for them to present their latest research results. UniKORN is open and inviting to everyone to join for the weekly seminars, registration can be found on the UniKORN webpage:
UniKORN has been adapted to have scientific interactions under Covid-19 by holding online events, but will hopefully soon be able to organize also in-person scientific workshops and events.