TEQ on the New York Times Magazine

June, 2020

"The rebel physicist trying to fix quantum mechanics" is the title of the profile about one of the PI of the TEQ project, Professor Angelo Bassi, that has been published in the New York Times Magazine. The article covers some of the open questions in foundational quantum mechanics and how TEQ aims to solve them, while describing a personal and intimate side of prof. Bassi's life. Other members of the TEQ Consortium have been interviewed for the piece: Dr Catalina Curceanu (INFN), Prof. Hendrik Ulbricht (UoS), prof. Caslav Brukner (OEAW) and Prof. Mauro Paternostro (QUB) as they have been closely working with prof. Bassi for many years and know him and his work very well.

Read the full article here.