Meeting on TEQ experiment at UNITS

Trieste, Italy
September, 2019

To update on developments of setting up the TEQ experiments and its components, TEQ members will meet in Trieste on September 19, following the Workshop "Redefining the foundation of physics in the quantum technology era". This is a follow up meeting after the session at UCL in July 2019.
14:00 - Arrival and start of meeting, general comments, state of play in testing CSL
14:15 - Update on blade trap
14:45 - Update on electronics
15:30 - Update on particle trapping (Peter, Hendrik)
16:00 - Discussion and decision on next steps and timeline for implementation of trap with low noise electronic at Aarhus & UCL, test of blade trap at UCL.
16:30 - Discussion on detection and particle loading: Options and realisation
17:00 - Discussion on next steps with cryo and towards completion of the TEQ experiment at Southampton
Location: Adriatico Guesthouse, ICTP, Grignano-Miramare, Trieste.