Towards a South-East European Quantum Network

May, 2019

The European Commission places significant emphasis on quantum technologies. A recent report entitled ‘The impact of quantum technologies on EU’s future policies part 2 – Quantum Communications: from science to policies’, by Martino Travagnin and Adam Lewis at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) argued that ‘Quantum physics yields cryptographic applications which are expected to contribute to communications security [...]. Technology development programmes in quantum communications, including the deployment of quantum networks, are therefore being funded worldwide. Europe should accelerate the industrial uptake of its scientific knowledge in the field.’
Central Europe is reacting to this need with the QUAPITAL Project ’the first reliable quantum internet on top of Europe’s glass fiber network’, of which Trieste is the Italian partner.
Goal of the meeting is to discuss the challenges to be faced, to create a quantum network in the Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, to be connected to Central Europe via the QUAPITAL Project.
The TEQ project kindly supports this event.
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