TEQ wins the selection

June, 2017
TEQ is one of only 26 funded proposals out of 374 submitted.

“The panel considers this proposal to be of excellent quality […] Research methods and approaches developed within this project will provide grounds for further developments in other fields where high precision measurements are required. The results themselves will provide a major breakthrough in our understanding of quantum physics. The project has a capacity to also place the EU at the forefront of ongoing research world-wide aimed at investigating the interface between quantum physics and gravity. This is one of the ultimate frontiers in contemporary physics/science with very high visibility worldwide. […] The proposed work is excellently planned. The workplan is well detailed and laid out. It is explicitly organised so as to foster and enforce synergies between the various streams within the project. […] The consortium brings together world leading experts in their respective fields which leads to new synergies.” (From the Evaluation Summary Report)