April, 2019

“The project has fully achieved its objectives and milestones for the period” says the TEQ’s first Review Report delivered by the European Commission.

November, 2018

In the frame of the TEQ project, the University of Trieste co-organizes an Advanced School and a Workshop titled “Ubiquitous Quantum Physics: the New Quantum Revolution” in February/March 2019 in Trieste (Italy).

October, 2018

Dr Catalina Curceanu was recently awarded by the President of Romania for her outstanding scientific work.

October, 2018

TEQ scientist Caitlin Jones appeared in an article in Italian newspaper Il Piccolo about women in physics. The article spoke about the difficulties women face in physics and the inspiration that Donna Strickland recently winning the Nobel prize can give women.

October, 2018

The cover article of the July issue of Scientific American has been picked up by its Italian edition, Le Scienze, for the October 2018 issue featuring Bassi and Vinante.

July, 2018

How does the world crystallise from quantum weirdness? We might just have the answer, says a new article on the cover of the July 14, 2018 issue of the New Scientist. And that answer could be given by the TEQ project.

July, 2018

The TEQ teams work to establish the large-scale limit of quantum mechanics trying to answer questions that are so far unaddressed: why we have no evidence of non-classical behavior in the macroscopic world?

June, 2018

Dr Catalina Oana Curceanu, the PI of the LNF-INFN group of TEQ, was among the winners of the 100 Award for the Centenary of the Romanian Great Union; awarded by the Ministry for Romanians Abroad.

February, 2018
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TEQ has launched a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

June, 2017
TEQ is one of only 26 funded proposals out of 374 submitted.

“The panel considers this proposal to be of excellent quality […] Research methods and approaches developed within this project will provide grounds for further developments in other fields where high precision measurements are required.