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Batalhao, T. B., et al. Characterizing irreversibility in open quantum systems., 2018.
Giordani, Taira, et al. Experimental engineering of arbitrary qudit states with discrete-time quantum walks., 2018.
Ciampini, Mario A., et al. "Experimental signature of quantum Darwinism in photonic cluster states." Physical Review A. 98.2 (2018).PDF icon 1803.01913.pdf (2.94 MB)
Ciampini, Mario A., et al. Experimental signature of Quantum Darwinism in photonic cluster states., 2018.
Mancino, Luca, et al. "Information-reality complementarity in photonic weak measurements." Physical Review A. 97.6 (2018).PDF icon 1804.06472.pdf (275.71 KB)
Santos, Jader P., et al. "Irreversibility at zero temperature from the perspective of the environment." Physical Review A. 97.5 (2018).PDF icon 1804.02970 (532.87 KB)
Santos, Jader P., et al. Irreversibility at zero temperature from the perspective of the environemnt., 2018.
Carlesso, M., et al. "Non-interferometric test of the continuous spontaneous localization model based on rotational optomechanics." New Journal of Physics. 20.8 (2018): 083022.PDF icon New Journal of Physics 20 083022 (2018) (913.77 KB)
Pollock, Felix A., et al. "Non-Markovian quantum processes: Complete framework and efficient characterization." Physical Review A. 97.1 (2018).PDF icon 1512.00589.pdf (2.05 MB)
Pollock, Felix A., et al. "Operational Markov Condition for Quantum Processes." Physical Review Letters. 120.4 (2018).PDF icon 1801.09811.pdf (875.68 KB)
Pollock, Felix A., et al. Operational Markov Condition for Quantum Processes., 2018.
Pezzutto, Marco, Mauro Paternostro, and Yasser Omar An out-of-equilibrium non-Markovian Quantum Heat Engine., 2018.
Krisnanda, Tanjung, et al. "Probing quantum features of photosynthetic organisms." npj Quantum Information. 4.1 (2018).PDF icon s41534-018-0110-2.pdf (950.98 KB)
Puebla, Ricardo, et al. Quantum simulation of multiphoton and nonlinear dissipative spin-boson models., 2018.
Guarnieri, G., et al. Quantum work statistics and resource theories: bridging the gap through Renyi divergences., 2018.
Mancino, Luca, et al. Realism-information complementarity in photonic weak measurements., 2018.
Çakmak, Barış, et al. Robust multipartite entanglement generation via cascaded interactions., 2018.
Abah, Obinna, and Mauro Paternostro Shortcut-to-adiabaticity Otto engine: New twist to finite-time thermodynamics., 2018.