Southampton - December, 2019

TEQ experimentalists will meet on December 10 at the labs of the University of Southampton (UK).

Trieste - September, 2019

TEQ will explore the macroscopic limit of quantum theory, with the specific goal of answering the question: does quantum coherence survive when the mass/complexity of a system increases, or does it break down as predicted by alternative formulations?

Trieste, Italy - September, 2019

To update on developments of setting up the TEQ experiments and its components, TEQ members will meet in Trieste on September 19.

Trieste - July, 2019
A look at the mysteries of quantum theory

The workshop will gather young researchers working in quantum mechanics and its applications. PhD students and PostDocs will be given the opportunity to present their research activity and interact with their colleagues, share motivations, techniques and perspectives, in a friendly and informal environment. In the morning, blackboard lectures by senior experts will provide a perspective on relevant problems in quantum theory.

London - July, 2019

TEQ members meet at UCL on July 24 to further discuss the details of the TEQ experiment.

Trieste - June, 2019

A school on quantum foundations for Master and PhD students to take place in Trieste on June 19-21.

Frascati - May, 2019

On May 31, 2019 TEQ partners will meet to discuss the status of the low-noise electronics.

Trieste - May, 2019

An upcoming discussion on the first reliable quantum internet on top of Europe’s glass fiber network.

Delft - November, 2018

The TEQ SC will meet at TUDelft to further discuss the progresses of the TEQ experiments and theory extending the meeting to a TEQ Junior Workshop.

Southampton - June, 2018

Members of the TEQ consortium will meet at the University of Southampton (UK) to further discuss the design and realization of the TEQ experiment.