WP6: Dissemination

Coordinator: A. Bassi - UniTs


Implementation of targeted dissemination and communication activities.




D6.1 Press release

As part of the dissemination plan of TEQ, the Consortium will prepare a Press Release. This document represents one of the most important points in the dissemination plan of the Project. It aims to extend the awareness of the Project in the general public. This is achieved by using a simple example from everyday life, however without being too simplistic or losing the original purpose of the document. The Press Release broadcasts the ideas on which the Consortium is built and underlines the European Commission’s investments in the Project mission.

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D6.2 Popular press articles

Popular press refers to information written for and distributed to the general public. In modern society, it has become increasingly important that the public understands the basics of science to make informed decisions. The public acceptance and understanding of science can influence governmental decision making with regard to regulation, science policy and funding.

In particular, the communication about European research projects should aim to demonstrate the ways in which research and innovation contribute to a European 'Innovation Union' and account for public spending by providing tangible proof that collaborative research adds value.

From the TEQ’s Grant Agreement – Part B: “Effective communication will be a core activity that will involve the Consortium in many ways. […] External communication will be targeted for specific audiences, including senior/junior researchers, industry and general public. […] For the general public: i. Popular press: Significant research findings will be advertised on local/national newspapers, popular scientific magazines.”

With all the above mentioned in mind, the TEQ Consortium has been implementing a communication action with the respective national and local press.

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D6.3 Videos

This deliverable is part of the broader communication strategy of the project. As stated in the TEQ project proposal - Part B, effective communication is a core activity that involves the Consortium in many ways. TEQ fosters the building up of wide awareness and interest in the topics of the project and stimulates scientific endeavours that go far beyond the context defined by the work plan.

This deliverable falls into the Work Package 6 – Dissemination, that involves all partners of the Consortium and covers the full life of the project. As part of the Task 6.3 “Coordinate and promote external communication to targeted audiences” (Annex I to the Grant Agreement – Part A), the deliverable 6.3 could have included video-abstracts of relevant publications, video interviews, pedagogical videos.

The deliverable 6.3 was identified to be a video explaining the TEQ project aimed at: the general public with a general knowledge of science and physics; the scientific community interested in knowing what is the project about; funding agencies potentially interested in financing further research connected to TEQ. The final product would then be available for all project teams to distribute and disseminate through their channels as a project presentation.

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D6.4 Workshop

As stated in the TEQ project proposal - Part B, «TEQ is built on the synergy between theoretically engrossing questions and the development of exciting experimental platforms» [from “Dissemination and exploitation of results – plan for the dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results”, page 7]. The first step in these regards is the impact on the scientific community of specialists in quantum technology. «The goal of step 1 will be achieved by developing the work programme of TEQ, pursuing new collaborations, identifying new funding opportunities, and through core dissemination events. This approach will be complemented by the organization of a workshop on the topic of “Redefining the foundations of physics in the quantum technology era”, which will be held in Trieste in the second year of TEQ’s lifetime. We will invite 20 leading figures in the communities relevant to TEQ to contribute to a 4-day workshop open to participants outside the Consortium and will have two objectives: fostering new collaborations among the participants leading to new proposals for funding, and identifying new directions and problems to tackle. […]».

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D6.5: Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (delivered by 31.12.2018 - CONFIDENTIAL)