WP5: Management

Coordinator: A. Bassi - UniTs


Coordination of the project for the achievement of the objectives.




D5.1 Website

As part of the dissemination plan of TEQ, the Consortium will set up a project website using a .eudomain. From the GA: “It will contain the list of scientific papers related to TEQ, and the list of events […] will host public sections whose aims will be to raise the general awareness of the project and disseminate results, but will also include a private one accessible only to the Consortium’s
members for discussions, data collection and distribution of the progress reports and slides of the seminars and lectures delivered by the Consortium’s members […] The relevant documents produced as a result of the meetings (minutes and draft reports) will be made available to the project partners through the TEQ website”.

Read the full Deliverable Report 5.1


D5.2 Data Management Plan 

The TEQ Consortium, through the development of a DMP, agreed that open-source software and components will be available when produced, as well as experimental data for replication of experiments. Research publications will be openly accessible. All project partners have created on-line repositories for their sharable data for reproduction, access, mining, exploitation. 

Read the full Deliverable Report 5.2


D5.3: Project Review Meeting documents M12 (delivered by 28.02.2019 - CONFIDENTIAL)


D5.4: Project Review Meeting documents M30 (delivered by 31.08.2020 - CONFIDENTIAL)


D5.5: Project Review Meeting documents M48