Trieste Junior Quantum Days 2019

A look at the mysteries of quantum theory - July 24th-26th, 2019


The workshop will gather young researchers working in quantum mechanics and its applications. PhD students and PostDocs will be given the opportunity to present their research activity and interact with their colleagues, share motivations, techniques and perspectives, in a friendly and informal environment. In the morning, blackboard lectures by senior experts will provide a perspective on relevant problems in quantum theory.


Topics include: quantum information, entanglement, open quantum systems, quantum foundations, many-body physics, quantum thermodynamics, equilibrium & non-equilibrium physics, mathematical methods for quantum mechanics.


There is no fee: the workshop is kindly supported by TEQ. Participants will take care of accommodation.

This is the 3rd workshop of the Trieste Junior Quantum Days series. The first one was held in May 2017, the second in May 2018.
Registration open till July 5th 2019.
Deadline for contributed talks: June 7th 2019.


Fabio Benatti (University of Trieste): Mathematical and physical aspects of quantum entanglement: a survey

Rosario Fazio (ICTP): Open many-body quantum systems

Vahid Karimipour (Sharif University of Technology): Topological quantum computation

Mikhail Kiselev (ICTP): Landau-Zener-Stueckelberg-Majorana Interferometry

Giuseppe Santoro (SISSA): Quantum Annealing

Andrea Trombettoni (CNR-IOM Trieste): Quantum devices with ultracold atoms

Contributed Speakers

Lorenzo Asprea (University of Trieste): Gravitational decoherence: a general non relativistic model

Glen Bigan Mbeng (SISSA): The Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm and spin chains

Roberto Dobal Baldijão (State University of Campinas): Quantum contextuality in a quantum Darwinism-inspired game

Alessio Belenchia (Queen's University Belfast): Near Field Interferometry with Large Particles

Luca De Paolis (LNF-INFN, University of Tor Vergata Rome): VIP-2: Hunting the violation of the Pauli Exclusion Principle for electrons at LNG

Sandro Donadi (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS)): Optomechanical systems as noise spectrometers

Caitlin Jones (University of Trieste): Wavefunction collapse and Special Relativity

Alessio Lerose (SISSA): How long-range interactions slow down entanglement growth out of equilibrium

Bernadette Lessel (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science): Shape dynamics of quantum states

Luca Mancino (Queen's University Belfast): Non-equilibrium quantum thermometry

Marta Maria Marchese (Queen's University Belfast): Investigating collapse models with optomechanical systems

Hannah McAleese (Queen's University Belfast, UK): Adding Incoherent Dynamics to Entanglement Distribution with Separable States

Gabriele Perfetto (SISSA): Quench action and large deviations: work statistics in the one-dimensional Bose gas

A T M Anishur Rahman (University College London): Spatial superposition using a levitated magnetic nanoparticle

Federico Roccati (Universita' degli Studi di Palermo): Exploring quantumness in a PT-symmetric system

Angelo Russomanno (ICTP): Signs of many-body dynamical localization in the kicked Bose-Hubbard chain

Federica Maria Surace (SISSA and ICTP): Quantum simulation of gauge theories with Rydberg atoms

Christiaan van de Ven (Università di Trento): Quantum spin systems versus Schroedinger operators: A case study in spontaneous symmetry breaking


Scientific Committee

Angelo Bassi (University of Trieste - INFN)
Fabio Benatti (University of Trieste - INFN)
Rosario Fazio (ICTP)
Alessandro Michelangeli (LMU Munich)
Andrea Trombettoni (CNR-IOM Trieste)


The workshop will take place in Gianbiagi Lecture Hall, Adriatico Guesthouse, ICTP, Via Grignano 9, Trieste. The Adriatico Guesthouse can be reached directly from the train station by taking the bus number 6.

Local Organizers

Matteo Carlesso (University of Trieste - INFN)
Matteo Gallone (SISSA)


Matteo Carlesso (University of Trieste) Leonardo Lucchesi (Università di Pisa) Uwe R. Fischer (Seoul National University)
Andrea Colcelli (SISSA) Luca De Paolis (LNF-INFN, University of Tor Vergata Rome) Alessandro Armando Vigliano (Università degli studi di Trieste)
Federica Maria Surace (SISSA, ICTP) Christiaan van de Ven (Università di Trento) Roberto Dobal Baldijão (State University of Campinas)
A T M Anishur Rahman (University College London) Joseph Davids (University of Oxford) Sandro Donadi (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS))
Lorenzo Asprea (University of Trieste) Jaouad Abdouss (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) Michele Vischi (Univerità di Trieste)
Stefano Marcantoni (University of Trieste) Federico Roccati (Universita' degli Studi di Palermo) AMIT KUMAR SHARMA (IIT)
Bernd Fernengel (Technical University of Darmstadt) Samira Alipour (Zanjan University) Natanael de Carvalho Costa (SISSA)
Angelo Russomanno (ICTP) Francesca Gebbia (UNITS) Caitlin Jones (University of Trieste)
Hammam Kenza (ICTP and University Mohammed V-Morocco) Marta Maria Marchese (Queen's University Belfast) Alessio Belenchia (Queen's University Belfast)
Alessio Lerose (SISSA) Asmae Benhemou (University of Glasgow / UCL) Luca Mancino (Queen'sUniversity Belfast)
Bernadette Lessel (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science) Serena Di Giorgio (Universitade de Lisboa) Eugenio Rispoli (Universita' degli studi di Trieste)
Gabriele Bellomia (Bicocca) Hannah McAleese (Queen's University Belfast, UK) Andrea Greselin (Università di Trieste)
Guido Giachetti (SISSA, Trieste) Joao Carlos Cordova Frasson (UFRGS) Gabriele Perfetto (SISSA)
Ruggero Lot (IOM-CNR) Pietro Torta (SISSA) Castellini Alessia (Università di Palermo, Italy)
Matteo Gallone (SISSA) Matteo Votto (Università degli studi di Milano) Stefano Mangini (Università degli Studi di Trieste)
Alice Roitberg (Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca) NITIKA SACHDEVA (BPIT, NEW DELHI, INDIA) Alessandro Rubin (SISSA)
Joe Davids (University of Oxford) Jirawat Saiphet (Mahidol University) Olha Sus (Ivan franko National University of Lviv)
Marco Faccioli (Università di Padova, CNR Trieste) Fabio Mascherpa (Institute of Theoretical Physics - Ulm University) Adam Magee (SISSA)
Ranjith Venkatrama (University of Cagliari) Jose Tadeu Teles Lunardi (State University of Ponta Grossa) H. Chau Nguyen (University of Siegen)
Anastasiya Khromova (Independent) Lorenzo Buffoni (University of Florence) Glen Bigan Mbeng (SISSA)
Utpal Sarkar (Assam University, INDIA) Mohsen Amini Abchuyeh (University of Isfahan, Iran) Till Johann (INFN)

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